[Product Announcement] Kiip Introduces Rewarded Video

Imagine you’re playing your favorite puzzle game. You know you’re close to completing the level, but right now…you’re stuck. You can get a hint for watching a 30 second sponsored video, do you take it? Yes.

Across the Kiip network, mobile users engage 2x more with rewards paired with video than rewards with static images. U.S. adults spend about 5.5 hours of their time per day viewing video. Time is money. So why aren’t we rewarding users for their time spent viewing video with something they value?

Introducing Kiip Rewarded Video

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Brand sponsored videos become the gateway to in-app value, like hints or virtual currency. This vested interest inspires users to engage with the video and view it to completion ensuring brand’s message is well received while simultaneously driving revenue for developers.


1. Users want to see the video.

It’s non-intrusive and opt-in only. The user chooses to watch the brand sponsored video, which ensures the brand message is invited and welcomed.

2. Video is viewed in fullscreen and to completion.

Fullscreen provides the best viewing experience for users and ensures the branded content is given 100% SOV during the view time. Once the user chooses to watch the video, the video is played to completion and user cannot navigate away until the video is complete. Completed views mean revenue for developers. Color Switch, a popular 2016 game, claimed to see 40% increase in revenue by implementing rewarded video.

3. User’s time is valued

Time is money, and with rewarded video it is —kind of. It may not be cash, but users are rewarded in a currency they value for their time and attention. In fact, in an Gamasutrainterview, Rovio executive vice president Wilhelm Taht recounts how players reacted to the removal of rewarded ads from its free-to-play game Angry Birds Transformers: “There was backlash from that community saying ‘give us back our reward videos.”

“A user opt-in placement like rewarded video allows developers to integrate ads into their app in a way that’s additive to the experience. This format fits very well with Kiip’s philosophy of rewarding users for engaging with ads and we’re now able to bring this innovative and scalable opportunity to brand advertisers and app developers alike.” —Kabir Mather, Head of Business Development at Kiip.

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