6 Mobile Moments Brands Can Use to Target “Superwomen”

Advertisers tend to target women in very stereotypical ways. But women are diverse, multifaceted and have various and abundant interests. In honor of Women’s History month, we did a deep dive on the women in the Kiip network to uncover unique insights about the moments that actually make up their mobile interactions. During this search, we discovered 6 unique moments that you may not have thought to use to engage women.


Risk Moments

Even though women are often perceived to be more cautious and calculating, women are actually big risk takers. According to a study, women are actually more likely to take certain risks such as starting a tough conversation and making a career change. In this same spirit, women in the Kiip network are super engaged in moments that can be considered “risky.” In fact, women are 57% more engaged during “Risk Moments” than the Kiip network benchmark. Whether it’s placing a sports bet, making a risky move in their favorite game or entering sweepstakes, women are highly engaged in taking risks.

Strong Moments

It’s hard to doubt the strength of women, but women may not be the first demographic that comes to mind when we think about “Strong Moments”. But as it turns out, women on the Kiip network are 67% more engaged in “Strong Moments” then the network benchmark. Everyday, women across the Kiip network are engaging in “Strong Moments” by beating their best times,  logging tough workouts, or even demonstrating virtual strength in their favorite games.

Sports Moments

Women love sports too! Women across the Kiip network are 29% more engaged in “Sports Moments” than the network benchmark. Specifically, women are 44% more engaged in Football and Baseball moments. Though women may not be the first demographic that comes to mind when you think about Super Bowl campaigns, marketers are beginning to realize that female sports fans are a target demographic of their own. Just last year, Forbes did a dive into “The Evolution of Marketing to Female Sports Fans”.

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It’s not always wrong to go for the low-hanging fruit. Here are some of our more popular moments brands can use to target women.

Beauty Moments 

As expected, “Beauty Moments” are extremely popular for women on the Kiip network. Women are 88% more engaged in “Beauty Moments”.

DIY Moments

With the rise of pinterest came the rise of the “Do It Yourself” trend. Women are obsessed with DIYs and women accross the Kiip network are 87% more engaged in “DIY Moments” than the benchmark—trying recipes, making photo collages, etc.

Me-Time Moments

Women are known for leading busy lives where they often have to put the needs of others before their own. That’s why women across the Kiip network especially value “Me-time Moments.”  82% of women in the Kiip network are more engaged in these moments than benchmark. Taking time for themselves by using yoga and meditation apps, tracking their favorite televisions shows, or going for a relaxing walk are all activities that make up “Me-Time” moments.

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Interested in seeing how your brand can use these moments to target superwomen for your next mobile campaign?

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